Deep Stretch for Subtle Growth


Through practice, inquiry, and meditation, explore the subtle power of yin yoga.  Target the connective tissue through deep, meditative stretch and release. Explore the essential yin postures, meridians through the Chinese Five Element Theory, physical and mental attributes, visualization and guided meditations appropriate for yin. Understand how the yin practice affects the meridian system, organs, and subtle body (the chakra system)  to enhance overall harmony of being.

What you will learn:

  • The essential yin postures and the meridiens they affect

  • The anatomical effects of stretch and compression

  • The basic principles of mindfulness meditation in asana practice

  • The importance of philosophical themes and their modern value

  • The basic principles of sequencing for the Chinese Five Elements and the Chakra System

What you will be able to do:

  • Experience and guide others in deep yin postures

  • How to anatomically guide depth and safety through effective cues

  • Include visualization and guided meditation to support deep stretch

  • Incorporate the yogic teachings of awareness into a yoga practice

  • Create and guide a deep meditative yin yoga sequence with a focus on the Five Elements and the Chakra System.

Recommended Reading:

  • Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers

  • Yinsights by Bernie Clark

  • Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

  • Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith