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Explore your growing edge, connect or reconnect with other yogis, and obtain Yoga Alliance CEU's simultaneously.  

Detox, Reset, and Restore

January 9-11, 2015   at  Second Wind in Swansboro, NC

Valerie Baltzer-ERYT500 -  Start the new year off right with this transformative yoga weekend! 


Suitable for all levels, awesome for aspiring yoga teachers, and inspiring for experienced practitioners.  Cultivate practice, compassion, and self-care through this informative workshop and sample some of the teachings from the Transcending Yoga Teacher Training programs. Call Second Wind 910-325-3600 to register over the phone or email Valerie at .  $200 Regular Admission, $175 Before December 1st.  Individual Sessions available, limited availability.

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Yoga, Purpose, and Possibility

September 26-28, 2014   GoYoga (Powell) in Columbus, OH

Valerie Baltzer-ERYT500  -  Create space & acquire the tools for living an emPowered life through this immersion experience.  Learn the emPower Vinyasa Yoga Sequence for personal yoga practice, explore the precepts of purpose, and integrate the skill of sharing with others… both on and off the mat. In this powerful intensive, you will learn: The emPower Vinyasa Yoga Sequence of Poses/Options, Meditation, and Pranayama, how to Create a Personal Practice, Growing the edge through Self-Inquiry, meditation, & Compassionate Communication, Partnering & Assists, Being of Service and co-Creation.  Call Second Wind 910-325-3600 to register or email Valerie at .

Art of Possibility | Science of 101

4-Week eCourse, TBA


Valerie Baltzer, ERYT500. Just like aligning the poses, build your classes from the ground up! Teachers new and seasoned, GROW your student base by launching a beginner series.  Learn the art and science of developing a progressive sequence that empowers new students to confidently practice yoga on and off the mat!  Create a signature foundational sequence to build upon for brand new beginners and students who wish to refine their practice, create cues and microsequences that build enthusiasm, and receive tips and tricks to make your garden of yoga grow.  . Email Valerie at

Empowerment & Beyond

4-Week eCourse, TBA


Valerie Baltzer, ERYT500. Yoga is a powerful tool for self transformation and personal growth.  One of the most valuable gifts of yoga is teacher-student relationship.  When the student is ready the teacher appears.  Learn to empower students to step into their authenticity using the most effective yoga teaching that has been passed down for thousands of years... the private lesson.  This integrative course weaves the authentic teachings of the yoga sutra into a therapeutic, vinyasa based approach to creating personalized yoga practices.   Email Valerie at