200 Hour Certification Requirements

The Transcending Yoga 200-Hour Lifestyle & Teacher Training program offers a comprehensive curriculum for aspiring teachers and students who wish to deepen their hatha yoga practice.  


Transcending Yoga requires aspiring trainees to have at least 6-months of a regular practice with a Yoga Alliance Registered teacher or attend a Transcending Yoga Immersion, Workshop, or Private with a lead trainer.  Students must submit either a letter of recommendation from their teacher or a Transcending Yoga lead trainer. It is possible to enter the program without either, but either 6 months of observation or workshop/immersion must be completed immediately after the training.


Students will have approximately 30-50 hours of homework throughout the course.  It must be completely in a timely manner. Homework will be checked during the trainings.  Additionally, each student is expected to maintain a regular personal practice either at home or with a teacher.

Physical Ability

"Teach the student, then the pose." ~BKS Iyengar

Many levels of asana & meditation will be explored throughout the program.  Each students #1 priority is to do no harm or practice ahimsa.  Students are not expected to enter to the program with extreme flexibility or strength.  However, if you have any chronic illness, disease, or limitations that are indicated as a caution to any of the exercises, please notify the instructor right away.

Certification and Registration

In order to receive the Certificate of Graduation, students must complete at least 160/180 hours of the immersion training, all required reading and assignments, the practicum (practice teaching, observing, and assisting), and pass the final exam with a 70% or above (average grade since 2007 is 97%).

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