200YTT - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The Transcending Yoga 200-Hour Lifestyle & Teacher Training program offers a comprehensive curriculum for aspiring teachers and students who wish to deepen their hatha yoga practice.  

Do I need to have extensive experience to begin the training?  No.  However, we do move through the content rather quickly.  It is important that you have some exposure to technique prior to starting the program.  If you are relatively new to yoga, consider the Art of Possibility all-day immersion or reviewing the poses and pranayama with your teacher before the program begins.  

What if I miss a training day or weekend? Students may miss up to 20 hours of the designated training.  However, the hours must be made up with a registered teacher and additional assignments will be given in order ensure the content was learned.  Students usually partner with a student who was present in order to complete the assignment.

What if I miss or fail the final exam? The average grade on the exam since 2007 is 96%.  Students are required to pass the exam at 70% or above.  If you miss the exam or know you will miss the exam, it can be rescheduled on another date.  Exam must be taken and passed in order to graduate.

Will I be a 200RYT when I graduate? No.  If they choose to do so, students are required to register themselves with Yoga Alliance.  Step-by-step instructions will be given in class, so registration can be completed the day of graduation.  New Registration fees are $80.

I'm coming from out of town, where can I stay?  A list of places to stay can be provided to you.  Varies on location. Email val@transcendingyoga.com for list or contacts for roommates.  

What materials am I required to bring? Each day of class you are required to bring your Binder (provided), meditation journal, mat & props, writing utensils, water, and food or money for lunch & dinner.  Students have also pooled together to make potlucks or purchase family-style meals from local merchants.

Is there a required reading list? Yes, there are several books required for this program.  You will be given a full reading list with your acceptance letter.  Depending on the program (Intensive or Immersion, different books may be required or recommended).  Most books are available in both paperback and e-reader formats. The New Paperback cost is approximately $68 online.  Students are required to purchase their own books.


Do you offer a payment plan?  Your deposit secures your place in our program.  With a verification form, you can set up a monthly auto draft plan with your credit card, a $25 monthly service fee will be applied.  Tuition must be paid in full by the final date of class. In order to take advantage of special early bird tuition rates, you must pay in full by the early bird/super early bird deadline. See Financial Aid